Aerial photo editing Services

Aerial photo editing services

Aerial Photography is now a common word in the field of real estate. An aerial procurement of an image gives a clear and vivid look of the object being pictured and helps in getting a comprehensive view of the surroundings too. Though this kind of photography gives you amazing pictorial view but even here a lot of flaws seep in. It is possible that while getting the picture of your property clicked from a top angle the colors might fade away, or the surroundings might look dull and barren. This can be a deterrent for the potential buyer and it is here that the drone photography editing service by experts comes handy.

As is the case with other photographs taken, the aerial pictures taken also needs to be edited. Correction might be required in field of color, clarity, sharpness of the picture, light adjustment or addition or deduction of certain features in the vicinity. These aspects add a lot of graphic grace to the pictures and thus attract viewers to think positively about the property. Aerial photography companies need the assistance of editing experts to deliver the best results to their clients in the shortest possible time.

The scope of aerial photography drone editing services at Pixgurus is quiet vast. We furnish a number of tasks, to make your pictures look distinct and appealing.

  • If the top view of your property is getting obstructed by any hindrance, we remove that.
  • We make the surroundings look more attractive and alluring, by adding trees and greenery in the vicinity.
  • The colors of the picture are adjusted and changed in case there is a dull and dark patchy look.
  • Shots taken from different angles are stitched together to provide a full and clear look of the entire property.

Editing aerial photographs

When you take aerial photos, weather conditions may not always be the same. Owing to this, several mistakes can occur in horizontal aerial photography. This calls for the expertise of a professional offering photo retouching services. We master all those vital techniques to get your image perfected through creative drone image editing. Whether you need just some basic corrections or higher level of enhancements, experts here at Pixgurus can help. We have always been a reliable image editing partner for professionals offering drone aerial photography services.

Some of the most common techniques we follow here for different types of aerial photography are:

  • 360 degree virtual tours
  • Panorama Stitching
  • Color cast removal
  • Saturation and hues adjustment
  • Correction of perspectives
  • Replacement or change of sky color
  • HDR Image Editing

Benefits of choosing us for your aerial image editing needs

Selecting Pixgurus for real estate imaging services will be a great choice for your commercial success as

  • We have a team of proficient and trained photo editors who are proficient in their task
  • We have a quick turnaround and thus ensure timely submission of work entrusted upon us
  • Our costs are highly competitive and numerous packages are offered
  • Our services are highly accurate and we deliver to you editing with absolute faultlessness
  • At Pixgurus , the best use of latest tools and techniques ensures enthralling outcomes