Photograph stuck to glass? Here’s What To Do.

What to do When an Old Photograph is Stuck to Glass

Have you ever discovered your favorite old photograph stuck to the glass of its frame? It’s an
disappointed yet common problem for those who like to display valuable moments around the home. The
sticky part leaves a unpleasant mark and any attempt to remove it causes rips and tears. It can be
frustrating and difficult to know what to do.

Don't worry ! It’s possible to restore your picture and have it looking as good as new.

Saving Your Photograph

First of all, DO NOT try to remove the photo from the glass yourself. This will most likely cause more
damage.The best thing to do is to make a digital backup of the photo that’s stuck to the glass. You
will need to carefully take the photograph and glass out of the frame and lay the image flat on a
scanner – glass and all. The extra layer of glass means it’s essential to scan at a high resolution of
at least 600 DPI to get a sharp image.

Once scanned, you may be able to simply print your picture immediately onto photographic paper.
However, there’s often too much damage for this to look good. If this is the case, send the digital
image to us. We are experts at digitally restoring photographs after they get stuck in picture frames –
even if the glass is smashed.

Please note: In this situation, a high-resolution scan is essential for a successful photo restoration.

Separating a Photograph From Glass

Trying to physically remove a photograph from glass has a high risk of further damage. As we said
before, wWe strongly recommend you don’t try to do this yourself. It’s very likely that at least some
of the emulsion of the original photograph will remain on the glass. The picture may even get ripped
beyond repair via digital restoration. This is why it’s vital you take a high-resolution scan before
attempting anything.

Several DIY (Do it yourself) remedies are suggested online. Freezing your photograph, soaking it in
water or heating with a hairdryer are a few of the popular home remedies. The results of these
techniques are depends on many factors, such as the type of paper of the photograph, age and the
development process.

What Causes a Photograph to Get Stuck to Glass?

Moisture getting into the frame is usually the cause of photographs sticking to glass. The emulsion
coating of the photo reacts to humidity or condensation and becomes sticky. This could happen in a room
that’s regularly humid like a bathroom, or where a room gets hot in the sunlight. It can take years to
occur or happen quickly, so it’s worth putting in some precautions when framing your photographs.

Prevent a Photograph Getting Stuck to Glass

Reducing the exposure to moisture is a good way to avoid precious photographs getting stuck to glass.
Be careful when cleaning picture frames. Spray cleaning products onto a rag before wiping, rather than
directly onto the frame. Also, make sure your photograph is placed somewhere that has low humidity and
isn’t in direct sunlight.

To keep pictures from sticking to glass, use high-quality frames that protect them from light or
moisture damage. Frames that include a mount board or acid-free, lignin-free mat are the best as they
ensure there’s a space between the photo and the glass. Using Museum Glass® to protect your photo from
UV exposure is also helpful.

Is your old photograph stuck to glass? Our experts offer the highest quality photo restoration to fix
damaged photos. Send us your high-resolution scan for a free quote.

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