Damaged,torn,faded old photo Restoration Services 

Photo restoration service at PhotoPandas

Are your photos damaged, faded with age, Are they torn,or some parts are missing from them? Are your pictures filled with dust, scratches,blotches or spots caused by water,bacteria or mold? Are your photos in need of retouching and photo restoration service ? Photo restoration is the process of restoring a photograph which has been damaged or affected by age. Our Photo Restoration Services provide you with a wide range of services that can restore your old and damaged photos and reconstruct it to according to your choice. Also by choosing our Digital Photo Restoration and Best Photo Restoration Services all unwanted color casts are erased and the contrast of the image is changed in order to complete image restoration.

  • Detailed repair by a specialist

  • Amazing results, damaged photos look new

  • Get a Free quotation within 1 hour

  • Prices start from $ 0.99 each

Almost any photo can be restored. Upload your photos  and get a free quote.

How Much Does It Cost?
Unlike other companies, we don’t do photo restorations for a flat fee. Because every restoration job is unique, each photo restoration cost must be individually quoted. When you send us your photo or upload your scan, we will evaluate it and quote the cost of your restoration based on the extent of the damage.

Basic          $0.99 – $10
Medium     $11 – $19
Advanced  $20 – $29
Extreme     $30– $59

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Photo Restoration Services Offered by Photondas

Along with photo restoration services, we also offer photo colorization,antique photo restoration and old photo restoration services. Digital photo restoration makes use of image editing techniques to restore any visible damage and mask the aging effects from photographs. Our technicians are extremely proficient in the

  • Removal of stains
  • Restoring of damages due to loss of pigments and chemical coats
  • Repairing color discoloration
  • Bringing back of moldy, torn, cracked or folded images
  • Restoring of damaged custom borders
  • Repairing of album glue damage
  • Removal of tears, dirt and scratches
  • Repairing of minor shake and bad lighting
  • Repairing of Silver Fish damage
  • Adding of color to black and white photos
  • Black and white to color conversion

Some common problems that can be repaired include:

Smoke and fire damage, staining and discoloration due to water damage or mold and mildew

• Cracks and tears due to improper handling; folding, rolling or bending; age; brittleness

• Damage from contact with acid-based supports

• Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light and other damaging atmospheric factors

• Missing and/or stuck pieces due to contact with frame or glass condensation

• Photos torn into many pieces due to improper storage and handling

• Fading or darkening of image due to age and/or exposure to chemical and environmental factors

• Damage from handwriting, pen & ink or other written or printed marks

• Color cast removal

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with your restored photo, we will work with you until you are, or we will promptly return your money.* Thirty (30) days after final delivery, the project is considered accepted and no longer eligible for additional changes or a refund.

* We do have one exception to our money back guarantee. Occasionally when quoting a restoration, we advise a customer that the damage to their photo is too extensive for us to achieve a level of restoration we would consider deliverable. If the customer requests that we give it a try anyway, we will do our best as always, but cannot offer a money back guarantee.

Photo Restoration Examples