Image Tracing Services

Image Tracing
Image Tracing Services a the sub services of Photo Clipping Services and plays a huge role in creating a design from an object or even the image of an object. TRACING PICTURES can be explained as the process of creating what would look like drawings from normal images. The simplest thing is to trace over the pixels and to mark these as reference points, and then we can trace over these and create and outlines, and can demarcate the different areas in the drawing.

In simple terms we can compare it to tracing an image using a tracing paper on top of an image. With this we have the outline of the image. This process of converting an image into a line Drawing/Tracing is called Vectorization.

Image tracing services can be done either manually through freehand tracing or with the help of TRACING TOOLS. The tracing tools can be used effectively in the case of simple images which do not have too many corners and complicated/intricate designs. In such cases a combination of both these methods are to be employed.

Our Tracing Image Services

PixGurus excels at providing low cost image tracing services to  its clients. With a team of expert photo editing and image tracing professionals, we ensure that each image being traced looks outstandingly professional and free from any unwanted backgrounds, both for the marketing and editing purposes. We use the most advanced image tracing technologies and softwares to trace the images.

Our image tracing services includes –

  • e-commerce Image Tracing
  • Fashion Image Tracing
  • Product Photo Tracing
  • Food Items Photo Tracing
  • Automobile Image Tracing
  • Furniture Image Tracing
  • Real Estate Image Tracing
  • Jewelry Image Tracing

Our image tracing services always ensure –

  • Prefect cropping of the images as per the given specifications and requisites
  • Placement of the cropped images on a neutral background
  • Presenting the final images in the file format of your choice

Why Choose PixGurus as Your Image Masking Partner?

  • High Quality Image outcome
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Cost effective services
  • Zero compromise in quality

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